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Property Specialist/Town Planner (Real Estate) |
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Location: Cape Town | Salary / Range: R55000 - R700000 | Posted On: May 16, 2017
Key Skills :
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Qualification :
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Job Function : Permanent
Vacancy :
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Position: Permanent
Job Description:

Property Specialist/Town Planner (Real Estate)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Salary: R 550 000 – R 700 000 p.a


Our client in the Real Estate industry is looking for a Property Specialist to provide professional real estate services expertise, within an assigned geographical area.  This service should include short term and long term forecasting, research and documentation of data for studies, appraising of property, negotiating terms and conditions of all agreement, evaluating economics and recommending size of capital expenditures, assembling and presenting proposal packages, controlling flow of transactions, working to obtain necessary zoning and permitting, and maintaining real estate portfolio within assigned area.


Key responsibilities


  1. Submits forecast recommendation for territory by:
  • Securing and evaluating market data for specific areas and territory.
  • Evaluates expansion needs of Region and system and evaluates competitive activity and selects Sites.
  • Estimating sales volumes and costs and completing P& L.


  1. Research Market and documentation of data for Market Evaluation by:
  • Obtaining information from sources such as Chamber of Commerce, Census Data, Local Authorities, Brokers, and Owners, Professional people in Trade area, appraisers, Record’s Offices, Operators, the businesses employees and other retailers in trade area. Census Data includes information on racial composition, ages, persons per household, average income, and potential fast food visits per person.
  • Driving and visiting area under investigation to establish time relation of sites to generators, number and strength of generators, and trade area.
  • Marking up map with outline of trade area and other pertinent data such as traffic counts, competition, population figures and generators.
  • Completing impact studies where necessary and selects the best location to serve Trade Area.
  • Obtains input from Real Estate Manager.


  1. Appraise Properties:
  • Gather comparables and evaluate to establish Fair Market Value.


  1. Evaluate economics and recommend size of capital expenditure by:
  • Request Construction Site Check
  • A feasibility study that includes a proposed site layout, identifies the utilities, building codes, drainage, zoning, and estimated cost.
  • Real Estate Data Forms
  • Check for accuracy in figures used for site development cost.
  • Computation of base rent and base sales, monthly sales, and volume projected.
  • Check Construction Site Check for unusual conditions such as utility extensions, easements, signage, etc.
    • Completing Real Estate site check of physical characteristics of site.
    • Estimating volume and figure preliminary base rent figures.


  1. Negotiate terms and Conditions by: 
  • Contacting principals and agents.
  • Developing negotiating strategy and position.
  • Negotiating agreements and obtaining signatures.


  1. Assemble and present Proposal Package by:
  • Completing Orange folder.
  • Reviewing with coordinators.
  • Writing Decision Logic - the Network Developer writes an interpretation of why he/she has chosen the site more desirable in a chosen area and the reasons why the company should be located in the area.  The discussion is centered on such things as market trade, business dynamics, traffic counts, proximity to schools, etc.
  • Obtain Real Estate Manager’s endorsement and Managing Directors approval.  At this point in time, the Managing Director will review the Real Estate orange folder which contains the above listed items and visits the site for the purpose of making a decision of approval or disapproval. The Real Estate orange folder is circulated to all the Directors prior to final signature of the Management Director.


  1. Control flow of Transaction by:
  • Directing brokers, Property Owners, coordinators, outside professionals, governmental bodies to insure communications and understanding, and to set priorities.
  • Working with construction to insure optimum and timely developments of locations.
  • Obtain timely input from licensees and other Departments.
  • Maintaining involvement with location development on a continual basis.
  • Working to obtain the necessary zoning and permitting by:
  • Coordinating and preparing all zoning applications and presentations.
  • Supporting Construction in obtaining permits.
  • Reviewing completeness of permit package.


  1. Maintain Real Estate Portfolio within assigned area


  1. Monitor Sales of Site for a 12 month period to determine accuracy of volume estimation and review process of volume estimation on a continual basis




  • University Degree pertaining to property development or Business practice
  • 3 to 5 year experience in property field
  • Self-starter, good negotiator and self-confidence.


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