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Specialist: Inventory Control

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Specialist: Inventory Control

Our client in the Insurance industry is looking for an Inventory Controller to efficiently and effectively coordinate availability of stock for production, sales and delivery to meet the customer needs.


Key responsibilities 


1.     PromoShop admin  

·        Review operations schedules and production requirements to ensure timely order fulfilment 

·        Verify orders received from clients 

·        Collate list orders and submit to MSSI for approval 

·        Submit approved list to stock coordinator for processing  

·        Keep register of weekly orders 

·        Liaising with MSSI and updating register of reps and brokers regularly 

·        Submit orders for new stock to supplier  

·        Liaise with Payroll for deductions o List commission deductions on relevant platform, ensure accuracy of information provided vs order forms and submit before cut off to Payroll o Recon deductions by comparing Payroll report and deduction sheet submitted 

·        Conduct price checks regularly with promo form vs supplier invoice  

·        Collate supporting documentation for payments 

·        Manage processing of payments  

·        Assist with telephonic enquiries/requests from SMs 

·        Maintain updated and accurate records of inventory, including transfers and cycle counts

·        Check and approve control sheet for Facilities as soon as MSSI has approved orders 

·        Monitor condition of storeroom  

·        Review documentation and monitor product codes to search for discrepancies 

·        Monitor received stock from suppliers, if quantities are checked and do random quality control of products 

·        Troubleshoot quantity discrepancies between stock and records 

·        Monitor non-delivery of parcels to the branches 

·        Monitor rotation of content of promo display cabinet

·        Manage stock take in July and December with Finance  

·        Track rates of accuracy, purchase and return as well as defective items to inform quality control decisions 

·        Perform critical inventory tasks to ensure the correct amount of items are in stock 

·        Oversee inventory and supply chain management according to company guidelines 

·        Manage critical inventory tasks to ensure the correct amount of items are in stock 

·        Develop and implement improvements to existing operational procedures in order to maximize efficiency and cut operations costs.


2.     Liaison with sales and employees  

·        Support marketing strategies as identified. Identify the promotional items against prize, availability and suitability. 

·        Build and maintain relationships with stakeholder 

·        Identify relevant role players through networking efforts 

·        Respond to sales inquiries and purchase orders; process orders for shipment 

·        Communicate relevant issues to stakeholder 

·        Advertise specials 

·        Notify SMs and all involved of closures of PromoShop 

·        Deal with enquiries on deliveries or shortages of stock 

·        Deal with special requests pertaining to projects 

·        Update SMs re the status of their reps’ and brokers’ orders or if order was declined 

·        Manage projects as agreed with role-players 

·        Source products for special projects and meet deadlines 

·        Investigate new stock items for the PromoShop 

·        Source replacement stock if items are discontinued from supplier 


3.     Stock ordering, management and forecasting

·        Research and determine trends 

·        Manage & implement projects 

·        Investigate new stock items and source replacement stock when items are discontinued 

·        Collect and analyze data to determine appropriate order quantities 

·        Facilitate logistical arrangements 

·        Check monthly invoice vs delivery notes received 

·        Develop and implement improvements to existing operational procedures in order to maximize efficiency and cut operations costs  

·        Statistical analysis of stock, purchases and relevant trends  

·        Identify discrepancies & process adjustments 

·        Manage applications & approval process


4.     Statistical Analysis

·        Collect, interpret and analyze information pertaining to the stock in the PromoShop 

·        Prepare reports and share with manager 

·        Prepare, maintain, monitor and report on budget 

·        Prepare, generate, and file financial inventory reports; review reports monthly with management


5.     Adhoc duties

·        Assist with ad hoc tasks for Assupol Cares and Events



·        Matric 

·        Financial related qualification

·        Driver’s license

·        1 year Administration

·        2 – 3 years Inventory control/ Stock control


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