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Finance and Grants Manager

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Finance and Grants Manager (

Our client in the Health Industry is looking to hire a Finance and Grants Manager for their Institution.

Core Values:

·        Their employees embrace the following core values as representatives of the institution: 

o   All people have a right to participate in decisions affecting their lives. 

o   Gender equity is mandatory for social transformation 

o   Resources are allocated in a transparent manner, guided by accountability to our clients and our role as steward of resources intended for the poor

o   Diversity in background, gender and age strengthen our capacity to be wise managers of public and private funds

o   Teamwork and collaboration shape our day-to-day working relationships

o   Innovation and risk taking to achieve impact and broad scalable results drive strategic priorities

o   Values and supports a diverse work environment

o   Pattering and sharing information are primary roles for all employees

o   Staff growth and advancement are a priority, including training and professional skills building to increase knowledge and competence and to stay abreast of new developments, especially in technology

o   A healthy balance between work and life outside of work must be maintained for work satisfaction and Fulfilments

Key Performance Areas:

Grants Management and Compliance:

·        Assist partners to understand pre-award assessment process and ensure that local implementing partners have systems in place to manage grant/s 

·        Assist implementing partners with improving systems in response to Special Award conditions and to track the implementation of Special Award Conditions (SACs) that are included in each award agreement 

·        Assist with financial reporting of the implementing partners and timeliness of the reports 

·        Assist to convert proposal and application budgets into Sub-award Financial Report budget format or payment and deliverable schedule 

·        Assist in review of grantee financial reports and providing feedback for appropriate corrective action 

·        Develop and maintain tracking systems on other identified sub-recipient’s compliance issues 

·        Provide training and orientation to sub recipients on donor rules and regulations as well as the organization's policies and procedures 

·        Plan organizational development trainings customized to the individual needs of partners and facilitate training sessions as needed





Training, Mentorship and Coaching:

·        Lead in providing trainings for the executive and governing board of the implementing partners for improved organizational leadership and management

·        Plan organizational development trainings customized to the individual needs of partners and facilitate training sessions as needed

·        Conduct trainings for the fiscal board members of the implementing partners 

·        Provide overall mentorship and Coaching for the governing board

Financial Reporting and Budget Management:

·        Monitor internal budget of expenditure and provide monthly reporting to the supervisor 

·        Make monthly projections and cash requests 

·        Contribute to the overall reporting (especially the financial component) to the donor as per preestablished timeline

·        Assist in monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the impact of CD interventions, exploring ways to deepen understanding of the degree to which CD interventions lead to enhanced HIV service deliver

Travel and Logistic Support:

·        Provide travel and logistic support for implementation of activities especially provincial 

·        Conduct regular field visits to Partners (at least 1 visit per quarter per Partner) to provide one on one technical assistance, financial and administration support, and spot checks

·        Ensure budget line items are not overspent and align to approved project activities

·        Ensure adherence to travel policy of the organisation. Ensure travel liquidations on a timely basis

·        Work closely with the prime partner for organization of workshop and training events

Fixed Assets Management:

The Finance & Grants Manager will work with the Procurement Officer and provide oversight and guidance with regards to Assets Management:

•        Prepare and update a Fixed Assets register as per USG & HQ requirements

•        Ensure compliance with the branding plan as per USG rules & regulations

•        Work with the Procurement Officer and IT to ensure that assets located in the field are tracked

·        Including assets in the other office, and ensure they are functional

•        Ensure that Procurement Officer is constantly updating the assets register with newly purchased items

·        Prepare disposition Reviews country office plan for all redundant assets which must be approved for write off by USAID

Internal Control Management:

·        Operations for internal controls and compliance with terms and conditions of donor requirements, accounting standards, and company policy.

·        Reviews and tests procedures and systems of internal controls at country office and sub recipient organizations to ensure they are functioning as planned and in accordance with sound financial and managerial principles.

·        Complete fraud reviews and participate in ethics investigations.

·        Develop spot check reviews to ensure compliance with grantee and corporate guidelines.

·        Prepares written reports of review findings, including specific recommendations for corrective action, where appropriate.

·        Facilitates and monitors the implementation of corrective plans to aid projects in improving compliance with procedures and processes

·        Provides guidance to staff and partners regarding best internal control practices that minimize risk to the organization

·        Ensures internal control activities follow guidance provided by company headquarters

·        Participates in formulating policies and procedures to improve internal controls, compliance, and project efficiency

·        Performs other related duties as assigned

Qualifications and Experience:

·        A minimum of a degree or equivalent in Finance or Accounting or Administration

•        A minimum of 5 years' experience in financial management, with a minimum of 3 years' direct work experience in grant management and administration

•        Experience in managing grants under USAID strongly preferred

•        Experience in comprehensive management of business support and compliance functions. Trainings skills are strongly preferred.

•        Broad conceptual judgment, initiative, and ability to deal with a wide range of finance issues

•        Excellent communication skills (oral and written) in English

•        Proficient computer/ software skills, including a strong command of Microsoft Word and Excel

•        Willingness to travel to partner sites as needed


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