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Specialist IT Senior Developer

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Specialist IT Senior Developer

Our client in the Insurance industry is looking for a Specialist IT Senior Developer to perform system program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation.



Key responsibilities 


1.     Contribute to organizations objectives for IT Development  


·        Liaise with customers, stakeholders, Product Managers and Product Owners to understand and maintain a high-level understanding of the current and upcoming requirements for the system 

·        Develop and maintain models that meet end-user requirements, including recommended Domain and Use Case Models (TCF) based on technical specifications. 

·        Implement the solution within the defined framework for user requirements


2.     Develop and maintain IT Administration Systems (Operational Excellence)  


·        Liaise with client to understand and communicate the non-functional requirements for the system 

·        Serve as a resource to help the teams make appropriate system and component level design decisions during implementation 

·        Responsible for the full system development life cycle  

·        Design Front end graphical user interface  

·        Design software testing and quality assurance 

·        Performance tuning, improvement, balancing, usability and automation. 

·        Incorporate security requirements into design 

·        Support and maintain software functionality 

·        Integrate software with existing systems 

·        Review and provide input to user documentation


3.     Conduct User Requirement Analysis (User Orientation) 


·        Customize systems for individual customer needs - understanding and recommending the best customization based upon the customer's needs (which include anticipation of their needs and explaining it in layman terms).

·        Complete all valid service desk within reasonable time.  


4.     Responsible for Future Orientation 


·        Adherence to standards to maximize the future investment value and minimizing costs





·        Matric

·        5 years’ experience in IT Development 

·        1-year experience in long term insurance industry 

·        Microsoft certification (MCSD)

·        IT related degree/diploma



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Posted 2020-06-29

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