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Artisan – Millwright (Agriculture)

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Artisan – Millwright

Our client is looking to hire an Artisan – Millwright for the vacant position they have in their institute.


·         Responsible for Manpower/Human Resources Management

·         Responsible for Assets Management and Maintenance

·         Responsible to follow Preventative Maintenance plan 

·         Responsible for Health and Safety  

·         Responsible for Ad Hoc tasks as assigned by management or board

Critical competencies and internal skills:

•         Specific knowledge of business operations

•         Good communication skills 

•         Computer literacy 

•         Good listening skills

•         Confidence, patience, politeness, tact, and diplomacy when dealing with clients

•         An ability to work well under pressure

•         An ability to work well under pressure

•         Creative thinking, to be able to come up with ideas 

•         Problem solving skills

•         Fluent in Afrikaans and English 

•         Professional approach and mind-set

•         Well organised and structured work approach 

•         Good time management skills 

•         Flexibility and pragmatic approach to adapt to needs and requirements of clients and staff

•         Good teamwork and adaptability 

•         Analytical work methodology and mind-set

•         Objectivity and ability to focus on matter at hand 

•         Confidentiality 

•         Ability to work independently


Minimum Tertiary qualification required:

•         Matric Qualification/Grade 12 or equivalent 

•         Maintenance Qualification – Millwright

•         Adequate knowledge of business and management principles

•         At least 5 years’ appropriate experience – Preferably feed industry related

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Posted 2020-09-29

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