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Strange but true Job Interview Behaviour

Posted On : Oct 09, 2013

Strange but true Job Interview Behaviour

Most [recruitment agencies] – and HR practitioners have hade experiences  interviewing candidates that can best be described as “strange” but that are also funny. Here is a selection of some of the strangest stories from an Internet survey conducted a few years ago.

“...he said that he was so well-qualified that if he didn’t get the job, it would prove that the company’s management was incompetent.”

“Applicant challenged the interviewer to an arm wrestle.”

“...announced that, as she had travelled to the interview she hadn’t had time to eat lunch, and then proceeded to tuck into a hamburger and fries in the interviewer’s office.”

“She wore a walkman and assured me that she could listen to me and the music at the same time.”

“When I asked him about his hobbies, he stood up and started tap dancing around my office.”

“...said he wasn’t interested because the position paid too much.”

“During the interview, his alarm went off. He switched it off, apologised and said that he needed to leave for another interview.”

“While I took an important long-distance call, the applicant casually took out a copy of Penthouse and proceeded to flip through the pictures, only stopping longest at the centrefold.”

“Candidate admitted that he didn’t really want to get a job but that the unemployment office needed proof that he was looking for one.”

“...she threw up on my desk and immediately started asking questions about the job, like nothing had happened.”

“He came to the interview with a scooter and left it in the reception area. When questioned he admitted that he didn’t want it stolen and was surprised at the question since he had asked the receptionist about indoor parking.”

“Pointing to a black case he’d carried into my office, he said that if he was not hired, the bomb would go off. Disbelieving, I began to state why he’d never be hired and that I was going to call the police. He casually reached down to his case, flipped a switch and ran. No one was injured but I did need to get a new desk.”

“....asked to see the CV of the recruiter to see whether she was qualified to judge him as a candidate.”

“Without saying a word, the candidate stood up and walked out in the middle of the interview.”

“Candidate kept giggling through a serious panel interview.”


2012,’Strange but True Job Interview Behaviour’ APSOgram, 1st Quarter, p.27

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